We support people
and companies in
their human growth
and business innovation.


Our motto is "people at the center"

Consea Consulting focuses on the enhancement of human capital. We develop HR strategies aimed at strengthening engagement and promoting innovation as part of the organizations’ culture.

We believe in motivating workers and cultivating their talents to enhance their work performance.

Cultural Intelligence

Organization as value.

Awareness, cross-cultural skills, and metacognition are the 3 pillars of cultural intelligence

The organizational environment appears increasingly dynamic, competitive, and multicultural. Knowing how to operate effectively and build relationships in different cultural contexts plays an increasingly central role in bridging the gap within organizations.

HYBRID WORKPLACE We offer essential tools to support companies in their transition toward increasingly agile and smart ways of working.

CLIMATE & CULTURE ASSESSMENT We help organizations diagnose their “health status” through internal climate and culture surveys to facilitate organizational changes, assess the impact of current programs, and engage employees.

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN We support organizations from the analysis of the “as is” business process, through the identification of problems and opportunities, all the way to the planning of the “to be” model while assisting people and teams in the change phase.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT We guide organizations through the Change management processes necessary to offer new opportunities and tackle daily challenges with an inclusive and people-centered approach.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Beyond the borders.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion management: towards a new culture inspired by the value of differences.

To make the most of the diversity within an organization, it is necessary to promote a culture founded on empathic relationships and mutual respect which has its roots in Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligence.

DEI ASSESSMENT We perform organizational check-ups by collecting and analyzing demographic and salary data, attitudes, and sentiments in terms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to identify, define and direct the main strategies for implementing policies and targeted actions in this field.

INCLUSIVE BEHAVIORS DEVELOPMENT We foster inclusion through specific training, targeting all levels of the organization in order for workers to gain awareness of unconscious biases, learn to recognize them, and manage them.

INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP We support current and future leaders in the development of key skills such as self-awareness, constructive thinking, the enhancement of diversity within their teams, and problem-solving through training, coaching, and mentoring programs.

People Development

Change your mindset.

People development: promoting the growth of resources

We support our customers in defining and managing self-development programs for people and work groups. People Development is part of a set of business processes concerning the selection, onboarding, and career choices of human resources.

RESKILLING & UPSKILLING We design and implement training courses to enhance soft skills that support workers in reskilling and upskilling. The courses can take place both in the classroom or remotely through the “Code of Talent” microlearning platform.

COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAMS We support companies with personalized coaching and mentoring programs for the development of their potential and the facilitation of change processes at all organizational levels.

TEAM MANAGEMENT We assist all levels of corporate teams in setting and achieving their goals by improving the effectiveness of working methods and the quality of relationships.

Talent Assessment

Invest in your future.

Acquiring, developing, engaging, and guiding talents in the organization.

We design customized assessment processes based on customer needs and objectives, with a skillful balance among validated tools such as personality tests, gamification, targeted questionnaires, interviews, and interview feedback. We are certified by Hogan, Wave, and Thomas International.

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